Monday, 10 February 2014

Class Cards

Hello Bloggers,

I’ve been entering the Cheery Lynn Challenges this year and I’ve really been enjoying it.  It’s helped me get my mojo back, which I’d lost last year due to ill health.  One of the main reasons I decided on following and entering the Cheery Lynn challenges is that I love to make flowers and Cheery Lynn have a wonderful range of dies related to flower making, their flower strip dies make die cutting so quick and easy if you are wanting to make multiple flowers.  The cards that I’ve been making for the challenge are often too big or have way too many handmade flowers on them to use in classes at Kookaburra Crafts, so Jacqui and I have been down sizing them, changing the flowers and generally tweaking them for classes. I thought I’d share some of the tweaked versions with you today.


This first card I have to admit I didn’t make this version, Jacqui made it, she based it on a card that I made (click here to see the original card) for my Mothers birthday and decided to enter it in  a competition for our Christmas party for Kookaburra Crafts. It won and so many of the girls liked it that Jacqui wanted to do it for a class this year. Jacqui made it a bit smaller and used a bought flower in the centre where I’d used a handmade one.


Card number 2 is based on a card I made for CLD challenge number 114 – Winter Whites (click here to see the original card), I remade this one and basically just changed the embossing folder for one that Jacqui had in stock in the shop, we also changed the handmade roses on the original card for bought ones.


Card number 3 is based on the card I made for Challenge number 115 – Snowflakes (click here to see the original card).  As I said in the original post, snowflakes where a major challenge for me, as I’ve never seen snow and I don’t have too many things in my stash that relate to snowflakes.  We’ve changed this one quite a bit, we made it smaller, changed the embossing folder (to one that doesn’t have snowflakes), we eliminated the die cut snowflakes, changed the handmade roses for bought ones and we added a sentiment.

I hope you’ve enjoyed todays cards!

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  1. Beautiful cards. Can I ask what card/paper you use for your flowers when you make them?

    1. Hi Ali, my go to paper for flower making is a white parchment paper which comes in either 90gsm or 170gsm. Jacqui has it available in her shop at Kookaburra Crafts.

  2. Hi Jenelle! Thanks for the kind words you left on my "Age is Merely a Number" card that I posted to SCS yesterday. Your work is remarkable...truly awesome!!! I'm signing up to follow you so I can keep my eye on you.